Marathon Monday: Baby You're A Firework


...on a Wednesday! Because I was too busy enjoying great company and these fireworks to finish this post on the 4th. 

But if I had posted this on Monday, I would have started by saying how grateful I am that Mondays and Fridays are rest days for me in my training plan... they're the hardest days for me to find motivation on, especially when one lands on one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year.

Well, Week 3 of (pre)Training is done and in the books. I'm slowly but steadily dropping time and anticipate to be able to start doing some marathon pace short runs in a month or so. 

I've found myself wanting to get my runs out of the way earlier and earlier to avoid the humidity. This past Friday I jumped out of bed at 5:15am to make breakfast and get out running by 6am. It's exhausting but worth it to avoid the sun. 

This by the way, is something I'm still in denial about: the fact that I'm going to log 400 miles in the hottest months of the year. 

Anyway, by this time next week pre-training will officially be over and I'll have a month and 75-ish miles under my belt. And then the real fun begins. Cross-training, Yassos, hills, running 5 days a week instead of 4...

NYC Marathon Training Week 3: 6/27/16 - 7/3/16
  • June Total Mileage: 47 miles
  • Ran 4 Days For a Total of 16.13 miles
  • Average Pace: 10'31" /mi
  • Strength Training: 0x
  • Yoga: 0x