Coachella 2015 Lineup Listening Party: Volume Three


Wristbands are here! Wristbands are here!

After spending the weekend listening to the final third of Friday's lineup, I could not have been any happier (or more relieved) to find our wristbands waiting for me in the mailroom at work today. The warmer weather and longer days make Coachella feel closer than ever and the arrival of wristbands made me that much more motivated to make my way through this lineup review.

In Volume III, I finally tackle some headliners after working my way up through Friday's earlier acts in Volume I and Volume II. I also had to come to terms with the fact that the higher I get on each day's list of bands, the more discography there is for larger acts, hence, the longer it takes to sift through everything. But in the process, I'm discovering so many songs that I can't get enough of.

How many songs exactly? Well, at the end of Day One, the playlist is at 10 hours long and counting...

A San Diegan's Guide to Packing for Winter In Iceland


There are two types of people in this world: those who grew up with snow and those who did not.

When it came to packing for Iceland, I am the former and my "I had Surf PE in high school" San Diego boyfriend, Ryan is the latter. Needless to say, it was up to me to figure out what each of us would need to get through several days of winter weather. But still... it's been 5 years since I've experienced "cold," let alone lived in it. In fact, I've actively tried to mentally block out all of those childhood winters. The warmest thing I own these days is a lightweight fleece jacket. So when we decided to visit Iceland in February, I realized that there's a hidden cost for any Iceland tourists who hail from warmer weather climates: winter gear. 

For us, with the exception of me forgetting a hat, I feel like we did pretty good. We packed light and smart. We did our homework and learned all about all the non-clothing items we'd need to make it through our stay. And most importantly, we stayed warm and dry. 

Which is why, in my (biased) opinion? This guide to packing for a few days in Iceland is as good as it gets!

Restaurant Review: barleymash, Gaslamp


Real talk: picking out a great restaurant for dinner in the Gaslamp is probably as overwhelming for San Diegans as it is for visitors. Most of the time I can barely pick out a place when I need to for myself, let alone make recommendations. And it definitely doesn't help that restaurants downtown sometimes seem to disappear overnight.

This was exactly the predicament one of my best friends, Bonnie, and I found ourselves in a couple of weeks ago, when we were looking for a dinner spot before having a Scandal night back at Bonnie's place. Then we were invited to try out barleymash's menu... problem solved!

I was familiar with barleymash because, how could you miss it? I've walked and driven past its prime corner location on 5th and Market a billion times. Still, I'd never eaten there because while it had always seemed like a fun spot to drink, honestly I just expected the food to be your typical semi-decent barfare, similar to the other large, corner bars on 4th and 5th Ave.

Which is a shame, because I was completely wrong.

Happy-U Namaste Yoga Studio


It took me a few minutes to figure out how to start this post about Happy-U Namaste Yoga Studio in Ocean Beach. Because, I mean, if we were face-to-face? I would probably start off with a big, happy sigh. A sigh of relief really. Because I think I finally found the place where I am most comfortable practicing yoga.

Sayulita Life: Zip Lining Through the Mexican Jungle


Of all the ways Ryan and I have spent Valentine's Day, last year will always be one of my favorites. Valentine's Day fell on our last full day in Sayulita after a amazing week of sunsets, cervezas and relaxation. And while I wasn't sure how I expected to spend the holiday in Mexico, I don't think I expected it to include strapping myself to a cable and flying above the jungle at 30mph...