Hi hi hi!

My name is Bri and this is my personal blog... fueled by salt water-induced epiphanies, runner's highs, bright colors, memories from the road, and snapshots of my first true love, San Diego.

It's where I like to share recipes that worked out, itineraries from my travels, and reviews of the places that I love in the city I call home.

Along the way, I'm documenting my attempts at going plastic-free for the sea, the books I'm reading, my fitness routines and the house projects that my husband, Ryan, are tackling in our Ocean Beach home where we live with our sons, Lincoln and Russ, and our two rescue dogs, Brewer and Banjo.

When I started this blog in 2013, it was mostly with the intent of documenting my training for my first full marathon. And over the years, it's been a lot of things: my ticket into cool events in San Diego, a virtual accountability tool, a way to learn about fun products, a side hustle, a burden, a digital scrapbook and a platform where I could hopefully reach people with important information about our oceans, healthy living and other causes that matter to me.

Today, it's my retreat. I don't follow a schedule, I don't post for money, and I don't really have a theme other than "my life." Still, I love it when something I write here connects me to someone awesome or introduces like-minded people to stuff and places and ideas that I think are pretty neat.

Take a look around and don't be afraid to drop me a line and say hi!