Shopped: Revolucion Del Sueno


I've been going through Mexico withdrawals fairly often lately. 

It definitely has a lot to do with the fact that I'm almost done with my first four swimming lessons. I'm anxious to go back and see how different our trip would have been with this new found confidence around water. 

But, if it wasn't for our time there, I would never have become as desperate and ready to learn as I was after we left. Spending so much time in and around the ocean made me crave the freedom that everyone else had.

I hope/plan on going back to Sayulita, maybe even next year, but until then, I've just been sorting through pictures and trying to write a few final posts to share from the trip. And since one of my favorite things about Sayulita was the shopping, I thought I'd share some images from one of the chicest stores in town, Revolucion del Sueno.

Raspberry Lime Cuervo Cocktail


Maybe it's leftover from our time in Sayulita, maybe it's just the heat. I mean, Memorial Day is the official start of summer after all. But for whatever reason, tequila's been my go-to lately. Exhibit: A.

Like.. tequila is my ladyyyy...

Pineapples, Beers and Islands


You always remember your first.

Shaper Studios Surfboard Shaping Workshop


#ArtisansOfGnar: that's what the chicas and dudes at Shaper Studios in North Park hashtag themselves on Instagram and I dig it. Even more so after experiencing firsthand what's actually involved in surfboard shaping.

San Diego's very own Shaper Studios is the world's first public shaping workshop. Their business model is genius: they provide the space, tools, and instruction (if needed) and surfers pay to come shape their own surfboards. They can take private lessons from a master shaper, where 50-75% of shaping is done by the student, or they can just rent the space to jam out and shape their own board and Shaper Studios will arrange for it to be open for members anytime. Day or night.

Or, they can take a four-hour long group workshop, like Ryan and I did a couple of weeks ago, and get just a taste of what goes into making the boards they ride.

Scenes From My Weekend


Sunflowers and Watermelons


watermelon maxi dress c/o: Q.HEART // sunflower head wrap c/o: Zealand Boutique // polarized sunnies c/o: SportRX

If there's one place that's in my Top 5 travel wishlist destinations, it's Bali. Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in trying to pray and love my way over there, but the eating part sounds great. As does the partying, shopping, and beaches.

To me, Bali evokes an easy, happy way of life. So when Maai, the entrepreneur and designer behind fashion label Q.HEART, contacted me a few months ago, her easygoing, happy personality confirmed what few suspicions I had about this beautiful place. And much like San Diego or Sayulita, many of the people who exemplify Bali's magic aren't necessarily from there. Rather they are attracted there, seeking to reflect what the place exudes. 

In Maai's case, her road to Bali began in Japan where she was born. After attending a fashion college in Tokyo, she moved to London to perfect her English and study European fashion. She spent a year there before moving back to Tokyo, where she worked as a fashion editor. But all the while, she dreamed of starting her own line. Today, that dream is a reality in the shape of Q.HEART, her fashion line and boutique located in Bali. 

Over the past few months, I've gotten to know and become inspired by Maai's talent, vision and positivity. And since she shared some of her designs with me, I decided that I'd share a little of her story through a short Q+A with the designer herself...

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Coachella 2014 Recap


For some people, Coachella is like Christmas... better than Christmas actually.

I am one of those people.

It doesn't hurt that it coincides with my birthday every year. What better way to celebrate than with all my friends, surrounded by fashion, music and perfect desert heat?

For four or five perfect days, I don't have to worry about a damn thing. It's simple living, limited to Ryan's truck, our camping space, the polo grounds. Visually it's stunning: the lights, the outfits, the snow capped mountains and palm trees. We wake up, crack open a beer, eat some snacks, listen to music and enjoy each other's company before heading in to see a dozen or so of our favorite bands. We dance in the fields all night and lounge in the beer gardens and people watch. Throughout it all, we barely get any cell reception: the real world is on hold. It's wonderful. And this year was no exception.

Nothing, not water bottle showers, not even a massive sandstorm, can put a damper on this weekend. Besides, these days we know better and come prepared: my tie-dyed pillow case made an excellent face mask.

Our camping set up is really what made this year special though. Thanks to Fireball Whisky, we had the raddest shade in all the campground to cover us while pounding Fireball shots (smuggled in through soda bottles, every year). Everyone loved our event tent and it was nice to have a distinctive one to stumble home to each night, and drink under the glow of our Christmas lights, with bass from who knows where bumping in the background.

As for the music, Arcade Fire stole the show again. But other favorite performances included Queens of the Stone Age, Haim, Grouplove, Skrillex, The Pixies, The Naked and Famous, Pharrell (watched from inside the sports bar), Girl Talk, and Sleigh Bells. Lana Del Ray and Kate Nash were my two biggest let downs and every one else fell somewhere in between.

Thank you Indio, as always for everything. Let the countdown to 2015 begin!