Shopped: Revolucion Del Sueno


I've been going through Mexico withdrawals fairly often lately. 

It definitely has a lot to do with the fact that I'm almost done with my first four swimming lessons. I'm anxious to go back and see how different our trip would have been with this new found confidence around water. 

But, if it wasn't for our time there, I would never have become as desperate and ready to learn as I was after we left. Spending so much time in and around the ocean made me crave the freedom that everyone else had.

I hope/plan on going back to Sayulita, maybe even next year, but until then, I've just been sorting through pictures and trying to write a few final posts to share from the trip. And since one of my favorite things about Sayulita was the shopping, I thought I'd share some images from one of the chicest stores in town, Revolucion del Sueno.

Revolicion del Sueno, which means "The Dream Revolution," is owned and run by a French couple from Paris. With all of the bright colors and cool pop art pieces, this store was right up my alley.

The prices were also right up my alley: I brought a bunch of $5 beach bags for souvenirs and a great tote that reads, Vamos a la Playa! for myself. It's a hip little store with tons of original pieces for the home and limited edition art as well. And the best part? If you're not headed to Mexico any time soon, you can order their stuff online at

While I was writing this post today, I stumbled upon this short little film about one of Revolucion del Sueno's artists. It makes me want to sit outside and just create. Watch it and get inspired by the colors and it's great message:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do it with love. 

Revolucion Del Sueno
55 Calle Manuel Navarrete
Colonia Centro
63734 Sayulita
Nayarit , Mexico
Phone: (0052) 329 291 38 50