Restaurant Review: The Baked Bear, Pacific Beach



That's all I could think when I was first invited to The Baked Bear, the ice cream cookie sandwich chain that was started by two San Diegans in Pacific Beach.

Ice cream? Check. Cookies? Check. Delicious toppings? Check. Ability to customize your ice cream cookie sandwich to your heart's content? Check.

Why didn't I think of this!?

That's what entrepreneurs and foodies all over San Diego have to be wondering as they watch the consistently staggering line outside of The Baked Bear's original Pacific Beach location or see the ecstatic look on kids' faces as they devour their sandwiches at a Padres game. It's a genius idea and one that I'm personally very jealous of.

But I will say... nothing cures a fit of jealous rage like biting into strawberry cheesecake ice cream sandwiched between two funfetti sugar cookies and rolled around in Fruity Pebbles.

Ryan and I walked the five miles (yup) from our place in Ocean Beach to this ideal spot right next to Crystal Pier. (Hey, we had to pre-burn off the calories we were going to eat!) There was a line down and around the sidewalk and people all over the boardwalk were laughing trying to maneuver their sandwiches before they melted.

For me that was the best part... there is no non-messy way to eat a Baked Bear sandwich and the result deliciously captures the way summer used to be: faces absolutely covered in ice cream, not giving a...

San Diego, put this on your summer to-do list NOW.

The Baked Bear
Phone: (858) 886-7433
4516 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109