The moment we walked up to Palmy's in Pacific Beach, I was smitten. 

I was also surprised: I wasn't sure where we were going to sit. I definitely wasn't expecting to battle a Sunday brunch crowd on a Monday morning. And yet almost every seat in the expansive outside seating area was taken. 

It was easy to see why: the breezy coastal decor, dappled light and beautiful people gave off the very definition of "good vibes." 

But mostly I was surprised I had never heard of what obviously had to be a PB institution before, especially given the steady hum of influencer-type patrons buzzing in and out. 

As it turns out, the thing is... they've only been open less than a month. 

So I guess "PB-institution-in-the-making" is more accurate. Because Palmy's is just getting started. 

We weaved around the plants, the many remote workers making Palmy's their office for the day and the rack of surfboards-for-sale to get in line and place our order for breakfast. While discussing our seating predicament, a friendly dude cheerfully offered up his two-top and we gladly accepted though it was inside. 

Not that the inside was any less gorgeous: there were so many thoughtful decorative touches that made me feel instantly relaxed and at home. It was like getting wrapped in a hug by sun-warmed sand. 

Too poetic for a cafe? I don't care. This is the type of San Diego-cafe aesthetic I long for and I'm stoked to have found it in what may very well be my new work-from-home-away-from-home office.

The food was secondary to the vibes for me, but I would be remiss not to share it. I ended up ordering the Blue Horizon bowl with blue algae sorbet and a cold brew, while my friend ordered their Not Your Standard Avocado Toast with an egg. We also got to try one of the vegan blueberry muffins that they stock from a bakery partner.

The sorbet wasn't exactly what I was expecting, being both less blue and less frozen than the ingredients implied. It was more of a milky cereal texture than the frozen bowl I was imagining, but it was tasty nonetheless. And the cold brew wasn't quite as strong as a mother-of-two-under-two needs, but it had a great flavor. With cold brew I know that if I can see through it, it's probably a "refills are necessary" situation. 

I don't want to sound underwhelmed, since I enjoyed everything. But I definitely need to explore the menu more before I find my go-to order there. 

Besides the tasty food, I was definitely nourished creatively. Between the river-rock lined sunroom, the rope-entwined stair railings and the beautiful mural by Alisha Sofia, I was more than inspired to go home and start putting the finishing touches on our own kitchen and outdoor dining area (I can't wait to reveal more about that soon... our kitchen was designed by the incredible Solstice Interiors and is almost finished!).

I'll be looking for excuses to head back to Palmy's in the near future. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to watching their guaranteed success and hopefully seeing them lead PB in embracing a few more sustainable and eco-friendly practices along the way (especially the straw situation)!