Reading Down The Days


2015 is over in 38 days.

38 days. 

With a little over a month left in the year, this is typically about the time that I start to exhibit a panicked recommittment to my annual reading goal.

A goal I have not met once in the three years that I've been attempting it.

Every year since I started this blog I have attempted to squeeze 50 books in before New Year's Day. And for the past two years I have failed miserably. This year though, with the help of an audiobook subscription, several long flights to and from east coast weddings, and so many great new books out, I've already beaten my previous record.

Over the past four months I've tackled the good, the mediocre, the practical and the books that I couldn't wait to be done with. Like, as in I literally increased the reading speed of audiobooks to almost 2x their recorded pace so that I could get through them faster. And it was still too long.

But I digress... here's my take on what I've been reading (and listening to) lately.

Sayulita Mermaid Yogis Retreat: Part IV


And just like that, a whole year has passed since I took off on a yoga retreat with a group of girls I'd never met before. A year ago yesterday, I was on a flight back to San Diego from Puerto Vallarta, smiling to myself as I thought about the amazing week I'd just spent in Sayulita.

Today, as we get further and further into the fall season, I'm already trying to figure out my next trip back to Mexico. But before I do, I want to wrap up the recap from the trip I already took. Writing the recaps from the trip have let me hold onto it beyond that final plane ride home. Over the past year, I've found myself inspired to write them on rainy days, when I need a little dose of sunshine in my life.

It's not raining today but after a night of howling winds and a blustery morning, I could not have been craving Sayulita's sunny skies and warm waters any more than I am now.

Think About It


Rebekah Steen of is my blogger idol. 

She's also my fashion idol, art idol, etc. etc. (The list really does go on). 

Last year when I had my blogger identity crisis, I took some cues from Rebekah and decided that the sole guiding principle for each and every post I write should be to make sure that it makes someone feel good, even if that person is just me, getting out something that I need to write about. 

Now, for the first time, I want to repost one of Rebekah's recent posts because I think this is a message that needs to reach as many people as possible. This post hit me. It's exactly what I've needed to hear/read for some time.  

In the week since she shared it, I've given this to co-workers and friends, I've linked to it for bloggers who need to read it too, and most importantly, I've printed it out for myself and stuck it in multiple places where I can see it as a reminder. It only makes sense that I stick it here as well. 

Everyone should be reading Rebekah's blog. Every. Day. She's a good, beautiful soul, inside and out. 

I can't thank her enough for these words, right when I needed them. Here's to hoping they help someone else the way they helped me. 

Brunch at La Jolla's Catania


If you follow San Diego's food scene at all, you don't have much of an excuse for not knowing about Catania, the latest concept opened by WhisknLadle's hospitality group. For the past 8 months it has attracted rave reviews praising everything from its food to its craft cocktails to its prime sunset-viewing location on the top floor of the La Plaza La Jolla. 

Its primary focus? Italian coastal cuisine. And now? Brunch. 

About three months ago, Catania started serving brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm, offering gorgeous views of the Pacific as you sip your mimosas. And about three weeks ago, they invited local food writers and bloggers (that's me!!) to check out the new menu. 

Motivation Monday: Shape Magazine Meet & Tweet


Trust me: I am not one to start talking about Christmas the week after Halloween. I firmly believe in taking it one holiday at a time. Christmas, real Christmas celebrations should not start until the day after Thanksgiving.

But Blogger Christmas? Well, that happened last Wednesday.

Last week I was stoked beyond all stoke to attend Shape Magazine's West Coast Blogger Meet & Tweet event in Santa Monica. Fitness Magazine had hosted what was essentially the same event back in 2013 and it was AMAZING. Panels with celebrity speakers and bloggers covered everything from exercise to diet to beauty to branding. And then.... there was the swag.

It was definitely the best blog-related event I've had the honor of attending. So when Shape took it over this year and invited me back, I couldn't RSVP fast enough.

Besides... what kind of celebrity-obsessed psycho fitness blogger turns down an opportunity to meet Karena and Katrina? Not this one, that's for sure.

The Blue Lagoon


In my not so humble opinion, there is no better way to end a winter getaway to Iceland than with a stop at The Blue Lagoon. Emphasis on the "end." Because first of all? If I'm going to spend the next 10 hours on planes, a nice three hour soak in a magical geothermal spa sounds like the best way to prepare. But more importantly:

The Blue Lagoon is always open.

Well, almost. For the most part though, Iceland's insane weather doesn't have any impact on this Icelandic essential. The Blue Lagoon is open every day of the year, rain, sun, and snow... and it's on the way to the airport anyway. Along our travels we met several people who regretted spending earlier, nicer days in their vacation on The Blue Lagoon, only to have other activities snowed out later on.

They learned the hard way. Whereas we? Well... we did this totally by accident, but still. I reserve the right to be cocky about it.

So, on our last morning in Iceland we packed our bags, hopped on a shuttle and headed to one of National Geographic's 25 Wonders of the World.