#FitBlogLA 2013, Part II: All the Swags


In case the fact that I had to create an entirely separate post in order to cover all my swag isn't enough of an indication: I made out like a BANDIT at #FitBlogLA.

In between the second and third panels, we stopped for lunch and to visit the sponsor booths. And honestly, whatever I had been expecting, it was nothing like what we were treated to. Most of the sponsor booths had a free gift for us, and I'm not talking about a pen or a tote bag. For example, I started with Dermalogica, where I received a quick skin assessment, a gym kit full of post-workout essentials, and a great workout tank. The moment they handed me my free gift, I realized I was about to celebrate Christmas in October.

My next stop was the Oakley booth where I was both amped and shocked to learn that we were going to get to pick out a free pair of Oakley running sunglasses. We had a choice between the Pulse Polarized and the Given. The Given aviators are especially nice because they added No-Snag nosepads so it doesn't get stuck in your hair, which most aviators do for me. In the end, I went with the Pulse and still can't believe the difference polarized makes.

I had seen the ROXY Outdoor Fitness booth on my way into the event and now that I knew the booths were giving out such amazing swag, I was really excited to stop by and check out their fitness wear line (which I have been interested in ever since I saw Devon of The Tale of a Mermaid rocking some in a blog post this summer). They told us that we could pick out an entire outfit (!!!) to take home. I scored the Atmosphere Jacket in Fuschia and their Get Faster Pant... over $150 worth of new gear! I'll definitely make good use of the jacket during marathon training this winter. Plus, it zips itself up into the pocket for travel, so it's perfect for layering during long runs.

Birkenstock was also there and initially I was kind of blase about stopping by their booth. Birkenstocks? I just don't consider myself a Birkenstock type. Wow, was I wrong. From the moment the rep put this adorable blue Gizeh Thong Sandal on my foot, I was a new fan. I never in a million years would have bought a pair of these on my own because of some of the crunchy stereotypes around Birkenstocks, but now? Now I will wear these until they disintegrate and then buy a new pair. These are the most comfortable and supportive sandals I have ever worn and I'm so happy to have them!

The last sponsor that I was really excited about was Saucony, who were releasing their Guide 7 sneakers a couple of weeks early to #FitBlogLA attendees. This was especially exciting since my Saucony Power Grid Triumph 9s (which I wore during training and the Rock and Roll SD Marathon) are one 60-Mile 3-Day Walk away from retirement. I started breaking the Guide 7s in this week and they will be the shoes I wear during the Carlsbad Marathon! I'm a loyal Saucony girl, so getting my next pair for free was pretty awesome.

And as you can see from the first picture at the top, there was so much more. Hair and beauty products, granola bars, snacks, Crystal Light, headbands and hair ties galore, tank tops, socks, a gift card to Oakley (so maybe I'll get the Given sunglasses anyway!) and the list goes on. The swag was unbelievable and I'm so grateful to Fitness Magazine for having me! Can't wait to start training for Carlsbad in all my new gear. :)