#TacoTuesday: South Beach Bar, Ocean Beach, San Diego


If you look at any "Best of Taco Tuesday" list in San Diego, Ocean Beach's South Beach Bar and Grille is likely in the Top 5, if not number one. South Beach is the ultimate Taco Tuesday. With a second floor where you can see the sun set into the ocean, tacos for $2.75, and crazy craft beer specials, it's no surprise how many people flock here after rush hour. Let me say that again: don't be surprised at how many people go to South Beach for Taco Tuesday.

Sure, the crowd can sometimes be a good thing. For one, it's great for the atmosphere. If you're single, it's better for meeting people. And crowds always say something about the food, which is pretty tasty. But for the most part, the crowd means that you have to have a strategy and your game face on. Tables are first come first serve, so expect a group of people to hover around your table as soon as they see the waitress hand you a check. On the same note, don't be afraid to hover over other people. Other tactics involve splitting up (upstairs and downstairs recon is suggested) and texting when one of you spots an open table or asking the waitstaff if they think any one of their tables will be finishing soon.

For all the hassle of getting a table at South Beach, the wait is worth it. And hey, sometimes you get lucky, especially if you go later, after 8:30pm or so. Plus, they recently started accepting credit cards so the hassle of their no cash bar is no more. I love Taco Tuesdays at South Beach and I love their deep fried zucchini tacos (pictured above) even more. South Beach is 21+ only so grab a bunch of your legal friends and thank me later for your hangover.

South Beach Bar & Grill
5059 Newport Ave #104
San Diego, California 92107
Phone: (619) 226-4577