Stay Nasty, San Diego


I think one thing is clear now: San Diego cares a lot more than we get credit for.

The long-standing stereotype about San Diegans is that we're all a bunch of aloof, apathetic, carefree beach bums. We flake out on commitments or show up "whenever." Our offices are a place for flip flops and dogs, not suits and high heels. Our sports teams are terrible because we aren't good fans, we don't get argumentative unless it's about coffee, craft beer, brunch or tacos, and we aren't very engaged politically.

That's the rumor anyway. The turnout at the San Diego Women's March on Saturday told a different story.

Marching Flat

This past Saturday, myself, my friend Makena, a good amount of people from my local community here in Ocean Beach, and about 40,000 total San Diegans joined the millions around the world who marched for Women's Rights that are being threatened by the Trump administration.

Thousands of women, men, children and pups braved the drizzle (if there's any rumor that has some weight to it, it's that San Diegans actually do melt in the rain) on Saturday morning. It was an incredible day and one that I was immensely proud to be a part of... but I think we all know this march was just the first step.

Here are just a few ways that you can stay active in this movement both in and outside of San Diego:

  • Join the March On San Diego Facebook group to hear about upcoming local events.
  • Participate in the Women's March 10 Actions / 100 Days Campaign.
  • Educate yourself about and support our California state senator, Kamala Harris, who could become our first woman president in 2020. 
  • Get involved with Planned Parenthood, an organization that does so much for our country's women than provide safe abortions. 
  • Take the Our 100 Pledge, written by 100 women of color leaders. 

And if you have a suggestion about how to help here in San Diego or otherwise, please share in the comments below!

One last note: while this isn't a political blog, I have never shied away from my views on politics and basic human rights in this space or on my SanBriego social media accounts. 

As a woman, as an American, as an artist, a liberal, a neighbor to the wonderful country of Mexico and it's people, an HR Professional dedicated to inclusivity and as someone willing to do whatever I can to support the Black Lives Matter movement, to protect gay marriage, to defend our Muslim communities and a family member and friend to people who benefit from Obamacare, I am all too aware of what's at stake in the next four years.

I am prepared to fight for it. I hope you'll join me.