Bedroom Makeover


I've finally recovered enough from our 4th of July festivities to get back in the swing of things! Phew, was this Independence Day a rough one. A lot of fun was had for sure - we had friends in town and a fantastic BBQ to go to, but I more or less supernova-ed from red wine and Fireball shots and went to sleep right after the fireworks. It took pizza AND grilled cheese to revive me yesterday.

A few posts will come out of this wonderful long weekend, including a recipe for the No-Mayo Potato Salad I entered in our friends' annual potato salad competition, but first up, I am happy to finally share the finished pictures from our bedroom makeover! Ryan and I painted the room a shade of turquoise this past weekend, hung up some curtains and threw on a new duvet cover and it has made such a difference. We still need to get some stuff on the walls but painting was a huge first step! The bedroom has sort of taken a back seat to decorating the kitchen and the living over the past year and I'm so relieved to feel like we've finally put an effort into it.

duvet cover, shams, grey pillow, curtains: urban outfitters // mid-century dresser: rusty gold vintage // nightstand, window frame, vintage hat rack: thrifted around san diego // bedskirt: anthropologie // turkish bath towel runner: bathtowel // lamp, mirror: ikea // rug: target