Gluten-Free Caprese Mini Sliders


Every year around this time, I begin scouring Pinterest for quick and tasty appetizers that I can bring to any one of the many seasonal gatherings we find ourselves running off to.

Between football Sundays and Friendsgivings, birthdays and White Elephants, work and Christmas shopping and visiting with friends and family who are in town just for the holidays, November and December are hectic enough. Then, in the midst of all that, I have to try to find time to prepare a tasty, unique food offering to bring to a party, and oh yeah, one that meets everyone's various dietary restrictions.

But this year? This year I will nail it.

After years of learning my lesson from rushing around in the hours before an event, trying (and failing) to make some elaborate Pinterest recipe only to show up stressed out with no food and all the wine like an alcoholic, I decided to spend some time in my test kitchen this week and try a few things out on my own. Ahead of time. Like someone who has their shit together or something?

The result is a recipe that 1. literally, truly, actually takes 30 minutes to make, 2. is vegetarian, 3. gluten-free, and 4. tastes like I put more time into it than I did.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I promise, it is real. And it's all thanks to magical little saviors known as Brazi Bites.

Miracle Brazi Bites are frozen, ready-to-bake, naturally gluten-free bread made with 100% natural ingredients. A combination of brazilian cheese bread and pão de queijo, they go straight from the freezer to the oven and are ready to eat in just 20 minutes. They are heavenly to bite into and combine just about two of my favoritest things in the world: cheese and bread.

Not to mention, the company that makes Brazi Bites was founded by a female entrepreneur. Can you say #GIRLBOSS?

I've been devouring these things for weeks now, but it was only recently that it dawned on me that I could turn them into the perfect mini slider buns. And so, these delicious caprese mini sliders were born. You're welcome.

Thanks to Brazi Bites for sponsoring this post!

  • Brazi Bites Original Cheese Flavor (click here to find near you)
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Cherry or Roma tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Balsamic vinegar 
1. Preheat oven to 400° and lightly spray a baking sheet with cooking oil (I use coconut oil).
2. Place the bites 1" apart on the sheet, pop it in the oven and set a timer for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
3. While the bites are cooking, wash the basil and tomatoes and then assemble stacks of tomato, basil and mozzarella.
4. When the bites are ready, take out of the oven and let cool.
5. Cut bites in half, place the stack on the bottom bun, then lightly drizzle balsamic vinegar on top.
6. Add top bun, secure with a toothpick and serve hot or cold!

  • There is debate out there on the interwebs about whether or not balsamic vinegar is truly gluten-free, so if you are looking for a purely gluten-free meal, these sliders are just as delicious without the balsamic.
  • If however, you don't have Celiac's / don't care and could drink balsamic vinegar by the bottle like me,  be sure to go with an aged bottle. The bottle I used was aged 18 years. The more syrupy the better.
  • This recipe will make about 27 sliders.