Motivation Monday: Hiking Big Sur


No less than two days after I proudly declared that I was going to start logging legit running miles each week...

I took a vacation.

Last Wednesday, Ryan and I drove up the coast for five days of camping in beautiful Big Sur to celebrate four years together. And while I had the best intentions of going on some trail runs while I was there, there is a motto in Big Sur that I had no choice but to respect: "Do nothing."

But seriously, yeah I did pretty close to nothing the whole time I was there. Nothing active that is.

Not that I didn't want to! There were plenty of cool, challenging hikes that we really wanted to take, but unfortunately, Big Sur trails are pretty much closed off to dog-faced wonders. Two of which we happened to have with us.

We did find one hike that was dog-friendly, so we threw the dogs in the car and drove up to the trailhead inside the parking lot at the Big Sur Ranger Station. The trail, Pine Ridge Trail, is a 10 mile hike full of redwoods and waterfalls that ends at Sykes Natural Hot Springs.

10. Freaking. Miles. And we hiked every last inch of it.

Just kidding. We made it about twenty minutes into the steep, sun-blasted switchbacks that follow the shady forrest floor before all four of us collectively decided to turn back. All said and done it was about 2 miles round trip, which, hey, is still better mileage than no mileage. Plus! It was gorgeous Big Sur mileage to boot.

9/28/15-10/4/15 Fitness Log: 
  • ran 0 days 
  • hiked 2 miles in Big Sur
  • September Total Mileage: 12.1 miles