Shopped: Anthropologie, Westfield UTC


Nine times out of ten when someone asks me where I bought something, the answer is Anthropologie. In fact, people ask less and less... it's more of a statement now: "You got this at Anthro." Our duvet, our dishes, the sweater I'm wearing as I type this....

Hi, my name is Bri and I'm addicted to Anthropologie. 

(Hi, Bri.)

Which is why when Westfield UTC asked me to stop by and check out the partnership that the Anthro there was working on with Variety for awards season, I didn't really have to think too hard. Stopping by Anthro on the way home from work is just a regular night for me!

When I arrived, I headed to Guest Services to get an idea of what the partnership was all about: the installation above was set up, showing how Anthro clothes can be styled after awards season red carpet fashion.

Even though I knew there's always been plenty of red carpet-ready looks at Anthro, I realized that most people probably don't think of the store that way. If you ever need help, just take me with you... I'll show you where to find them!

As is always the case with Anthropologie, sometimes I get lost in the home sections or documenting their merchandising for home decor inspo. Often this is at the expense of the real reason I'm there, which is to find an outfit. Like this absolutely gorgeous white sundress of my dreams.


Disclaimer: Westfield provided me with a gift card to shop at Anthropologie... basically my dream come true. 

It's hard to get too distracted with so many cute clothes around, which is how I ended up with a fitting room as full as a closet. I ended up going with this navy blue and floral dress above... not necessarily red carpet ready, but totally perfect for the spring weather ahead of us here in SD!

If you haven't ever been inside an Anthro, I honestly don't even know how you found or why you continue to read this blog. So since, I'm operating on the assumption that you have, here's a tip: I overheard the sales reps talking about how the new spring and early summer clothes are coming in... head to UTC sooner than later if you want first dibs on spring style!

Westfield UTC Mall
4525 La Jolla Village Dr.
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: (858) 558-3007