OB Love: 1502 Candle Co.


I have been saying for the better part of two years that I want to do more posts highlighting my sweet little neighborhood of Ocean Beach. However, like most things blog-related I haven't had time during this frantic year-long race to the finish of my MBA. #MBAproblems

Here's the thing: I knew OB was home the minute I first set foot in my friend Keri's apartment complex 7 years ago. Something about it just felt like what I'd meant whenever I said I wanted to move to San Diego. It was the vibe and community I'd been searching for my whole life. And even though it took me five years after moving to San Diego to move to OB, now that I'm here I don't ever want to leave.

San Diego is home, but OB is home.

Which is why I want to spend more time writing about it. Especially to promote local businesses. Because part of what makes this community so special are the people who bring their talents and vision here. In doing so, they put everything I could ever hope for from a neighborhood within walking distance.

Take 1502 Candle Co. for instance. If I want to go to a gorgeous home goods boutique and stock up on the best smelling candles around, I only have to walk four blocks away from my house. And if said boutique is celebrating its first year anniversary with wine and a Make Your Own Candle or Succulent Pumpkin Planter DIY night, I still only have to walk four blocks! And that's exactly what we did two Fridays ago.

The hosts of the evening were Caroline, owner of 1502 Candle Co., and her business partner Caitlin, the creative force behind Coyote Creative, the home decor company that cohabitates with 1502 Candle Co.

While Caitlin assisted the evening's partygoers with making their own succulent planters from pumpkins and other small gourds, Caroline provided a basket of scents to choose from and guided us all through making our very own soy candles.

Caroline, owner of 1502 Candle Co. 

Their shop is tucked away inside a hidden cluster of storefronts in Ocean Beach, which is why I'm super glad I met Caroline at another one of my OB faves, The Nest Coffee & Tea, and found out about this event and in turn, the store itself.

Whether you're visiting OB and want to take home a local artisan souvenir, live here and want to join their next DIY night or maybe just love pretty pictures, you should definitely check out both ladies on Instagram at @1502candleco and @coyote_creative.

And in the meantime, here's a local's tip if you're visiting the shop: the number 1502 has nothing to do with the store's address. The 15th letter of the alphabet is "O" and the 2nd is "B".

OB love, indeed!

1502 Candle Co. 
4966 Santa Monica Ave, Ste D
San Diego, CA 92107