DIY: Barefoot Sandals


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How cute are these barefoot sandals by Aya Omura for Free People?  I expected to see a lot of crocheted foot ties at Coachella last year and was kind of surprised when I didn't. They're such a fun, bright accessory for festivals, yoga, or beach days. 

These are sold out now, but I think they went for $45 a pair when they were in stock. Of course, after seeing the price tag, my first thought was, "I could make that." So on Saturday morning, I came back from running errands with $30 worth of DMC embroidery thread and a nice new 2.75MM Boye crochet hook. I've been using the free "Goddess Barefoot Sandals" pattern from Julie at Gleeful Things for my initial attempts. It's a fairly easy pattern and though Julie uses a single color for each pair, I made mine tri-colored by tying on a new color after Rounds 2 and 4. Here's my first pair:

I'm working on my own pattern now and it's back to Michael's this weekend to get some beads and other enhancements to incorporate into the new ones. And hopefully I'll finally have time for a pedicure this weekend too, so I'll post some photos of what they look like on my feet!