Well, hello there....


About a year ago, my boyfriend came to me with a great idea for a blog title. He knew that I'd been meaning to get back into blogging for a while and that I was hung up on trying to figure out a catchy name. Within minutes of hearing his idea, SanBriego.com was purchased. And there it sat. Because now that I had a name, I had to come up with a design.

Flash forward 10 months later. Writing out my 2013 resolutions, I made sure to put "launch SanBriego" at the top of my list. A month into the New Year, I realized that I would never get anywhere if I didn't have some help. That's where Natalie of 2317studio came in. I found her while searching for a blog designer on Etsy and thank god I did. She was amazing to work with and just what I needed. She understood exactly what I was looking to do and had this beautiful blog up and running within a few days. I can't recommend her enough.

So here we are! I can't wait to get started!