Talavera Plates


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In my kitchen, we only have two plates. Seriously. There's plastic and paper plates for quick snacks and parties, but there are only two dinner plates from Anthropologie. The reason that I've been so lazy about buying more dinnerware is because I want an eclectic, durable collection of bright and unique patterned plates. Also, I never want to have more than two that match.

I'm not in a rush to find them - I want to only get ones that I love. And for years I didn't know there was a term to describe my favorite type of plate. That is until today when I stumbled upon the word on (where else?), Pinterest: Talavera plates. They are gorgeous and unsurprisingly, super expensive, at least online. So if you know where to get them for cheap, please share!

Pro tip: You can find these plates a lot easier if you google "Talavera plates" instead of "mexican-y dishes." #learnfrommymistakes