Ready to Rock and/or Roll...


Well. Tomorrow's the marathon.

In a lot of ways, the catalyst for launching this blog was to keep track of my training and hold myself publicly accountable while preparing for my first marathon. And I have to say, it's certainly done it's job. Reading back through my weekly entries, I remember how much dedication it took to get to this point.

Walking around the expo yesterday, I couldn't help but start to get excited. I could barely sleep last night. I woke up around 3:30am and started going over my plan and my to-do list for today.  I got a pedicure in hopes that my toenails are still around after the race. I put my laundry together and threw it in the wash. Went out and bought 6 bottles of champagne. Now, I'm pounding water and blogging in order to procrastinate all of the sucky homework I have to do and then the cleaning that's right behind that.

By this time tomorrow it will all be over. Motivation Monday posts won't though, because after this, I have a summer weight loss goal and then training for the 3-day 60-mile Susan G. Komen walk after that. But running will start to take a back seat for a while so I can learn to love it again.

The only thought that keeps me from freaking out is remembering that there will be people there tomorrow who are less prepared than me. And if they can finish, so can I. Here goes nothing!