(Un)Motivation Thursday: My Carlsbad (Not) Training Plan


The Carlsbad Marathon is 6 weeks away and I haven't been running at all.

Like at all. My last logged runs were in the first week of November. Before that it was sporadic over the course of September and October. Before that.... was 26.2 miles on June 2nd.

I think I'm in trouble.

By this point in my training for the Rock N Roll, I had logged about 200 miles. Obviously I can't pull those miles out of thin air now. Truthfully? I don't want to. It's dark by the time I get home at night and I don't feel safe running alone in the dark. And with the holiday season, it feels like there is so much to do after work and no time to do it. Running just doesn't seem to fit into the plan. Plus... it's cold out.

You know what's not cold? The Bikram studio. Which is where I've been hiding while I haven't been running. It feels necessary to go there this time of year, not only for the warmth, but for the way it slows down life for 90 minutes. As I spend more time back in the studio, I remember why I fell in love with it in the first place. I had the chance to go on Thanksgiving morning last week (above) and it was so nice to be able to start my day that way. I wish I had the flexibility in my schedule to start every day with bikram.

But back to the marathon: I had a moment of panic over the weekend and looked into switching to the half but it's too late. So I have a Plan B: I'm going to start training for LA and just pretend Carlsbad is one of my long runs for that training. Either way, I have to let go of any stress I have over it and focus on what I can achieve before then.

Am I the only one who's ever been totally unprepared for an upcoming marathon? Probably.

11/18/13 - 11/24/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • 3-Day recovery / rest week 
11/25/13 - 12/1/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • bikram x3
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