What to Pack for Coachella: Hair and Beauty Essentials


If you're one of the lucky beauties heading to Coachella for Weekend 2, I'm jealous of you.

I mean, I've barely recovered from Weekend 1, but still...

I want to go back!

In the meantime, I've been working on editing pictures to put together a few Coachella recaps and reliving the festival through my photos. It was a fantastic weekend and thanks to a well-packed makeup bag, I felt fantastic too.

Whether you're car camping or poshing it up at a hotel, these were my beauty and hair essentials for a weekend of music, sun and various dehydrating chemicals. ;)

  • Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer: I just discovered this primer before I left for Coachella and all I can say is, where has this stuff been all my life? It was especially lifesaving in the desert: the air dried out my skin each night and this was a much-needed layer of moisture before BB Cream and makeup. 
  • Tarte BB Tinted 12-Hour Treatment: I've tried almost every BB Cream out there and I can't stress enough how perfect this one is. It's light and breathable, completely gets rid of shine and most importantly for Coachella? It's SPF 30. 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Matte Bronzer: The desert is hot. And you will sweat. Luckily this bronzer was able to withstand both the humidity and moisture all day, every day throughout the festival. 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush: For the most part, I like a nude, tanned look for face makeup, but with the bright sun, this blush is just the thing to add a touch of color. 
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye Shadow Palette: This is the only eye shadow I use regularly but in Indio it was especially helpful in transitioning from the bright sunny mornings to dark desert nights. 

  • SACHAJUAN Volume Powder: This stuff is a miracle worker. Whether you're camping or just too hot to even attempt to straighten your hair each morning, this dry shampoo will keep a style fresh for at least a couple of days. And it smells great too!

  • Bliss FatGirl SixPack: "Coachella" is practically interchangeable with "crop tops" and "bikinis." Even if you're modest and don't like showing off your stomach, it's almost a necessity in the desert heat. Luckily, Bliss has made an award-winning product that helps to tighten skin on your stomach and give you all the beautiful confidence you need to rock that midriff-baring outfit. I put some on in the mornings after I showered to keep my tummy looking toned throughout the day. And thanks to Bliss for sponsoring this post as well! 
  • Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: These wipes were not the best at removing my eye makeup at the festival, but as far as taking a pseudo-shower with them in the campgrounds, they kept me smelling and feeling fresh. 
  • Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash: Coconut water, papaya extract and sea algae extract makes this one of the most refreshing face washes out there and helped me feel closer to ocean the day after a gnarly sandstorm. 
  • Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport Sunscreen: There is nothing worse than turning into a lobster at Coachella, because you can't hide your burns for the sun for the next however many days after that you're still there. Dermalogica's sunscreen felt and smelled amazing and kept me sunburn-free. 
  • Dermalogica After Sun Repair: Luckily I didn't need to use this during Coachella, but several of my friends did. It was much more soothing and cleaner-feeling than aloe gel and offered relief from their sunburns.