Sayulita Life: Playa Escondida Resort


Our beach house, Sol 3, at Playa Escondida Resort

For the second half of our visit to Sayulita, we stayed at the luxurious Playa Escondida Resort, about a 10 minute taxi ride through the jungle from the center of town. The whole time we were in town people would ask us where we were staying and when we told them part of our trip would be spent at Playa Escondida, the jealousy was apparent: everyone knew what a special place Playa Escondida is.

We grabbed a taxi in the center of town at the taxi line and off we went up hills with breathtaking views of the ocean, then down windy one-lane jungle roads until suddenly we had arrived. The amazing and sweet hotel manager, Asuri, was there to welcome us and gave us a tour of the resort. She showed us the resort's private beach first, complete with hammocks, lounge chairs, a volleyball net, and all kinds of water equipment to borrow, like boogie boards and life jackets.

Then we headed up to the Terraza, the beach bar with games, casual dining and a television. This, she said, was the place to be after dark (later, we confirmed it just to be sure ;)). Then she showed us the infinity jacuzzi and the way to the spa and finally, the pool and main restaurant. The pool is where Ryan and I looked at each other and realized we really had landed in paradise. We were offered welcome drinks and we had them right there, soaking it all in.

As soon as our room was ready, Asuri came back to help us find our way down the cobblestone paths. We had rented Sol 3: a huge beachfront house with our own private jacuzzi on the deck overlooking the ocean. Having seen the pictures, I had some idea of how gorgeous this room would be, but in reality, pictures didn't do it justice. We walked onto our top patio (we had a two-story patio!!) and immediately the rest of the resort disappeared. It was like we were the only house on the beach, with an unobstructed view of the ocean every which way possible.

Inside, the room was more romantic than I could have imagined. The bed had the breezy white linen canopy curtains that I've always imagined having one day. The windows across from the bed opened up to the most gorgeous view of the ocean... one that was amazing to wake up to but evening more amazing at night with the full moon glowing over the waves. I tried so hard to get a good picture of it, but in the end that's one that you just have to experience for yourself.

We unpacked and stuck our beers in the mini fridge, then headed to our sandy downstairs patio, complete with lounge chairs and our private jacuzzi. We cracked open our books and a couple of beers and spent the afternoon reading there. Occasionally, we had the surprise of being joined by some jungle life including a cute little garden snake and a friendly iguana who hung out by my feet as I read my book, all while enjoying our ocean view.

After a little while we decided we'd take a walk on the beach and try swimming a bit in the ocean. The waves were pretty strong and the beach dropped off fast, so I couldn't go in very far. Instead we made our way up to the infinity pool and had a couple of glasses of wine while floating around and watching the sun set. The water was so warm and the sunset was so beautiful that I was honestly in heaven.

The staff at Playa Escondida was incredibly on top of it and had not only reserved the best seat in the restaurant for us, but had it ready as soon as we were done with our swim. Our server, Lalo, was super fun and had plenty of great meal and wine recommendations for us, which helped to narrow down the huge menu. In the end, I chose the Pepper-Crusted Filet Mignon and Ryan had Lobster Ravioli.  We cleaned our plates and finished the night off with some more wine at Terraza, eventually taking to-go cups back to our jacuzzi.

This was only one of four amazing days at Playa Escondida, but it provides a pretty accurate picture of the rest of our time there. Between the staff putting together our trip to Marieta Islands and our ziplining excursion, and booking us each a 60-minute massage at their incredible spa, I couldn't have picked a better place to spend the final days of our vacation.

Mexico takes care of the beauty around you all on its own, but the people who work at the hotels and resorts in Sayulita are what really makes or breaks your stay. The staff at Playa Escondida not only made our stay, they made us lifelong fans of the resort. For a truly secluded and romantic escape to paradise during your next Sayulita visit, book a room at Playa Escondida and don't be shy about using the ear plugs they provide... the ocean gets loud at night!