Shopped: Oakley Gaslamp


For most San Diegans, the Gaslamp (aka Downtown) is for tourists. To them, it's the equivalent of going to Times Square in NYC or Grauman's Chinese Theater in LA. And the Gaslamp in July? You can't throw a craft beer without hitting a bachelor/ette party, a group of foreigners, or a man in a Marvel costume. If you live here, it's to be avoided at all costs during the summer.

Which is really too bad, because there are tons of great restaurants and shops in the Gaslamp that we should be taking advantage of. And one of those shops is the Oakley store on Fifth Ave.

A lot of girls seem to have the wrong idea about Oakley. They think it's just another Billabong or Roxy surf brand style of apparel. Which couldn't be further from the truth: Oakley is a performance sports apparel brand. Sure, yeah they have the SoCal vibe; after all, they're headquartered just up the 5 in Orange County. But Oakley is for athletes. And with easy access to their new collections at their Gaslamp store, it's a shame more San Diego runners don't know that.

I've been a HUGE Oakley fan since I took my first run with a pair of Polarized Pulse sunglasses. They were so lightweight and made such an incredible difference during my runs what with the bright sun here in San Diego. So when Oakley invited me down to their store to check it out and get hooked up with some merch, my first thought was "HELL YES." My second thought was, "Wait... you have a store downtown?"

On an inconspicuous block of Fifth, near the corner of Fifth and J, the Oakley store is tucked away between other stores I had never noticed before. I headed in this past Saturday to meet with Tania, the store manager, who was just so sweet and upbeat... a true Oakley ambassador. She was really fun to talk to and I found out we were both doing the Neon Dash 5K later that evening.

Tania walked me through the Oakley experience, helping me to try on new sunglasses that could transition easily from a run to an evening out. I tried on the new Tone It Up line of sunnies, as well as a few others, then ended up falling in love with a pair of Rose Gold Polarized Feedback Aviators that are just too adorable. Plus, they have a special no-snag technology on their nosepads so they won't get caught in my hair when I put them on top of my head during a run.

Another reason to stop by the Gaslamp store? It doesn't look like they sell the Rose Gold pair online.

She also helped me to pick out a workout outfit from their newest women's line. I ended up selecting the Seamlesly Perfect Tank, the Night Nova Capris, the Continuity Sports Bra, and a super cute headband. The tank top is literally my new favorite workout shirt. The Night Nova capris were a bit scratchy during my last run, but I think after a wash they'll soften up. Plus they have a reflective screen print on there for running at night, which I love.

With such a lovely, fun staff and cool location, it makes sense to start heading there more often for my workout clothes. Plus they're right near my gym, Fit, on 10th.

Whether you're coming here for a conference and forgot your running gear or you live here and just didn't know about their Gaslamp location, the Oakley store makes for an ideal sports apparel shopping experience! Check it out next time you're downtown, or better yet, make a special trip. :)

460 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 231-0192