Shopped: Free People Fashion Valley


Say what you will about their prices, but I love Free People.

I love their clothes, I love their ads, I love their blog, I love their stores. They just provide such a great shopping experience: a respite from the doldrums of my daily corporate existence, made out of the same stuff as my boho daydreams. Their clothes are gorgeous and unique, combining femininity with a wild independence. And their store installations.. I mean... really. I die.

I was ec. stat. ic. when I found out they were opening a new store in the Fashion Valley mall, the mall that's closest to my little San Diego home. And even more amped when they told me I could visit before the doors opened to the public last Saturday.

The store is huge compared to other FP stores in San Diego (UTC, Carlsbad) and is supposedly going to be one of their largest boutiques in the US. Apparently, they'll also be one of the few stores to carry a full line of shoes too. 

I managed to get out of there without too much damage (I'm addicted to FP Intimates), but having the store so close by definitely does not bode well for my checking account. Not that I'm complaining!

Free People
Fashion Valley Mall
7007 Friars Rd
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 220-4906