Up until a couple of weeks ago, it had been a year since I last went for a run. 

Well, 364 days to be exact. The last time I ran was this little race on the east coast called the New York City Marathon. It was a perfect day, a perfect run, a perfect race. And a perfect excuse to take a little time off after training for five months. 

Only a little time turned into a month and then a season and before I knew it, it had been a year. 

It almost certainly would have gone longer than that had the running angels over at The Color Run not reached out and offered me a couple of free entries to the San Diego 5k. 

I decided that a little 5k fun run was the perfect way to kickstart my return to running. Better yet, I decided it was also the perfect opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream... to get Ryan to run a race with me. 

Shockingly, not only did I convince him to run his first race ever, but I also managed to trick our friends Ian and Des into sacrificing Friday night booze for hangover-free Saturday morning exercise too!

Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit. The Color Run is legit fun times. Because believe me, it's not every day you can convince your friends to wake up early on a Saturday to run around a parking lot with you. But when you tell them it involves foam, colored chalk and post-race mimos at the bar after...

Plus, the shirts for this event had a really great logo... I mean, throw a palm tree on there and you might even call it a perfect logo!

All in all we had a ton of good, clean dirty fun. I was so proud of Ryan for running his first race... he ended up loving it so much that he's considering running a half marathon next!

And I'm so grateful to The Color Run for not only getting me to pull my running sneakers back on, but for making it so colorful.

Go find a Color Run near you!