Soul Work


Earlier today, Ryan saw me reading and working and jokingly asked me if I was doing homework (it's a joke only because I'm not in school anymore - finally!). Without a second thought, I told him that I was doing Soul Work, a phrase that felt indulgent and hokey and worthy of an eye roll (or five). But also... accurate.

It's what I've been immersed in for the past month or so coming into this, my "butterfly" year. There's not really a structure or a point or a goal for it. It's just what I feel like spending almost all of my free time on lately. I've been super introspective and in my own little world for weeks: reading, journaling, listening, planning, dreaming.

Here's what Soul Work is shaping up to mean for the month of March:

  • Finishing reading The Desire Map and identifying my "core desired feelings"
  • Finishing listening to The Fire Starter Sessions and completing the worksheets
  • Fully participating in The Salty Club: cooking the recipes, doing the workouts, following the journaling prompts
  • Meditating by the ocean, spending time enjoying it up close or getting in it at least once each day
  • Running or yoga once a day
  • Drinking more water
  • Outlining content for my book
  • Spending more zen time in my little nook in our office
I'm curious to see if there are other people doing Soul Work this season and what that means for them. If you're reading something awesome or listening to a great podcast, let me know!