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You know that glow that emanates from the people who inspire you? The kind of people whose energy you just want to soak up and emulate yourself? Well, there's a recipe for that and it's been perfected: Mix one part bravery, one part perspective, a healthy dose of self-knowledge, a dash of adventure and whole lotta love and you get the Billabong surfer, musician, model, blogger and artist, Lindsay Perry.

Something I learned years ago is that it takes courage to be happy, especially when you start out in a dark place. That brand of courage is immediately recognizable once you're familiar with it and that's how I knew I liked Lindsay when I first came across her art and music. She is a good reminder for me and for anyone really, that you have to take the risk, that fun is the point, that love is practicing selflessness. Over a series of Instagram comments, emails and text messages, we completed the short interview below, where I think you'll get just a little glimpse of how inspirational she actually is...


Where you are right now?
This is where I'm sitting, responding to this. It's my boyfriend's parents' house [in New Jersey]. We're here for the summer. I just love this back porch. The whole house is the same vibe, like beachy eclectic. So epic!

Have you ever been to San Diego?
I actually live in San Diego about half of the year - I stay in Encinitas or Cardiff. Love, love, love it there! So many memories. Soooo many. I have a lot of great friends in SD. I think some of the best memories were in the beginning of this summer. My boyfriend is a professional snowboarder, so our schedules are a bit conflicting, as you can imagine. He takes the summer off, so we spent a lot of time in SD, before NJ, just surfing and relaxing... enjoying life!

Any favorite places to eat here? 
In Oceanside, I love Hillstreet Cafe, Swami's Cafe, and Cream of the Crop market. There is this sushi spot in Carlsbad off of Avenida Encinas next to Ralph's... Todo Sushi. So good! Beach City Smoothies... Tender Greens is good too.

When you're traveling, what's in your beauty bag?
Always hair oil! Moroccan is the best. Good face lotions. A travel face kit (Juice Beauty is epic and super affordable). Tinted moisturizer, concealer and blush. I actually probably carry too much. I'm a sucker for women's products.

And what's next on your travel bucket list? 
I want to go back to Europe and explore more there. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip for next month (September), before our schedules get crazy again. So I'm not sure just where we're going!!!

Do you have blogs that you read for inspiration? 
Hmm! That's a tricky one. For me, a lot of the inspiration I get is from imagery. My Billabong Team Manager, Megan Villa, runs a really rad blog (, and my best friend, Catherine Clark's is really inspirational too because she does a lot of Q&A stuff. Really inspiring to read her responses. ( Otherwise, probably Pinterest, design inspiration and fashion blogs.

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What inspires how you live your life?
It kind of varies day to day and situation to situation, for me. But I have my morals and principles that I live by. The thing that always keeps me motivated and on the right track, is losing my mother a few years back. She was an amazing and inspiring woman. She didn't get to do a lot of the things she would have liked to, so I try to live my life in a way that I can keep the flame alive for us both. My tattoos reflect that. The script on my side reads "Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss in life is what dies inside of us while we live." Life is too short to waste.

How did you overcome that? 
Losing my mother and stepsister in a car accident when I was 18, followed by my aunt being murdered five weeks later was kind of like the breaking point. My childhood wasn't remotely close to prosperous. It was a pretty weird struggle, especially for an American kid... mostly just not coming from money, and a lot of alcohol/physical abuse around my brother and I. I was adopted in 2001 at 13 and then moved out one month after I turned 16 and so that was kind of the start of my own journey. I wasn't able to come back, even if I failed, so I learned that it wasn't an option. I finished school, had a job, payed rent.
I would say the way to prevail through and triumph is just to find something that will drive and motivate you... a fire. Everything that I ever started, started because someone said that I couldn't or I wouldn't be good at it. I've always had an insane love for art, music, surfing and everything of creativity.

When did you learn to surf? 
One of the main reasons I wanted to be on my "own" [at 16] was because my parents didn't get surfing. I pretty much just became in love with the culture and what it meant. I couldn't even ride a wave, I just knew it's what I wanted to do. So I did it. The ocean is really magical. It's weird because my relationship with surfing is so much different now than it was when I was younger. Before it was more serious and, I don't know, just not as developed as it is now. Now I just think it's fun. The only reason anyone should start surfing, or anything, is to have FUN, and as soon as that stops happening, we should stop doing it.

Any advice for someone starting to learn in their 20s?
I'd say my advice would be to just go for it. Don't think about anything that puts boundaries or ties to what you think you should be like, or how it should look, or anything like that. Just have fun. Enjoy the time with your friends, laughing, catching a tan, falling, getting salt in your nose, cute surfer boys, road trips with your girlfriends to find waves... the whole experience.

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What is your favorite lyric that you've written and what's the inspiration behind it?
I have two. One was in response to someone that just wasn't getting the bigger picture.. about life or most anything I was trying to convey. It's also the header of my website:

it took a few years to be comfortable in my own skin and just like everyone else, I often struggle with it at times // so knowing my inner strength and worth, gives me the freedom to be who I am and realize I'm not always going to 'fit' everyone // but it's like music, or any type of art, if it makes you feel genuine and complete, it's always worth the risk

The second is about being genuinely happy for yourself and those around you.. Because that's what life is all about:

those who are truly joyous have no interest in one's shortcomings, insecurities, or turmoil // true joy does not thrive off of those things but is merely driven by the exploration of beauty, pureness and genuine happiness

If you could have one collaborator to work with on your music who would it be? 
Someone that would get my album done faster. Haha, this has been the most prolonged experience of my life. I feel like it's never coming.

The EP is tentatively titled L.O.V.E. What is your personal definition of love? 
I don't know if I've ever been asked that! Hmm. I think for me, love is just the most proper emotion. It's honest and genuine. It doesn't have to just be for companionship. Like, I love people that I've never even met. Reading these questions from you made me love you. I find things in people that I may not ever have face to face contact with. Love to me is sharing yourself with the world in the most pure and honest form. To give back something to someone that you may never hear a thank you from. To encourage and change. To just give yourself.

Is there one thing you wish someone would ask you so that you could have a chance to share the answer with the world? 
I'm pretty sure you nailed it. These have been the most insightful questions! Thanks for the opportunity to share innards with yah.

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Be sure to check Lindsay out on her blog, Lindsea, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more inspiration!