Scenes From My Weekend


1. Picked up the art print in the top right corner at the Little Italy Mercato on Saturday. Think this wall is finally complete!
2. For some reason this spray-painted AC unit in our neighborhood always makes me smile.
3. Walking through my neighborhood.
4. I've been meaning to check out this Little Italy art gallery for YEARS and I finally wandered up here on Saturday morning. It's the Grant Pecoff Studios above Landini's Pizza and the art was gorgeous.
5. Pretty Farmer's Market flowers.
6. More to come on this later but Sunday we spent the afternoon in La Jolla doing something I've only ever daydreamed about my entire life: I finally started learning to surf. My classmate Ian and I on the left and me and our hot instructor on the right.
Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I love your gallery wall in the first photo! Great job my dear :)

Devon said...

Congrats on your first wave! It's something that will stay with you forever :)

p.s. cute house decorations! We have have that SD print too. Love it.

Unknown said...

I love that print! My friend has the same one. I think they sell it at Pigment too! You're too cool. Can we be friends? Thanks! ;-)