Aloha Friday!


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Whew, it's been a long time since I've written an Aloha Friday post! I think I can safely say that it helps to not be hungover on a Friday morning when you're trying to write a blog about all the things you're happy about. And this Friday may be the first Friday all summer that I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or you know, as close to that as a person can be on a work day at 6am. It's all thanks to my 5-day strong detox from boozey goodness.

This past weekend we had a house party, Ryan's 10 year reunion, and a bottomless brunch and Padres game to go to. Translation: I was drunk for 3 days straight. While it was a lot of fun, it was also the crowning achievement to a summer full of fun, drunken times. My body woke up Monday craving a respite, so I'm officially on the wagon for a while and so far it feels GREAT. It's hopefully going to be the springboard to getting back on the mat and the road this month since I have a 5k coming up in September.

1. Brett Dennen has a new album coming out and I could not be more excited. He's also playing The Belly Up in November but unfortunately it's the first night of my 3-Day walk so I doubt I'll get to see him this time around. :( Before his new album is released, I'm tiding myself over with the single, "Wild Child," perfect for these summer nights:

2. I know I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, but I really am making a ton of progress on the "starfish" blanket I've been crocheting for almost two years now. This week I finished turning 50% of the circles into squares. Halfway there! It's speeding up a lot thanks to all the crocheting time I have while watching Lost.

3. Looking back on my summer to-do list from June, I would say that I'm doing pretty abysmally on most of my goals. One of which was to start trying one to two new dinner recipes a week. Let's just say that puts me at about 10-20 meals behind and I am inspired to make all of that up in August. Buuuuuut I'm happy that we did have home-cooked meals the last few nights which is better than we've been doing with all of our fun times this summer. Recipe suggestions welcome!

4. I think we may go on a real, honest to god, do-absolutely-nothing-but-relax vacation early next year! The details are under wraps for now but I so very much want to make this happen. I've had the travel bug like no other lately and I'm totally ready for a getaway in a new place.

5. I'm a born and raised Yankee fan and can not even tell you how excited I was to find out they were finally coming to play at Petco Park for the first time since I moved to San Diego 3 years ago. I knew we had to go and as an added bonus it was our friend Heather's first MLB game ever and Ian's first visit to the Park. Unfortunately they got destroyed and Jeter reinjured himself too badly to play and so it wasn't the best Yankee game I've ever been to, but it was still a great time with friends and great to see them in SD!