Motivation Monday: Front of the Class


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called "This Past June," I said the following:

For the next three months, my goal is to get to [bikram yoga] class a minimum of three times each week. 

I bought a monthly unlimited membership at my Bikram studio and had nothing but the best intentions to go all summer long. But you know what they always say about making plans: "Why exercise when you can take a nap?"

Anyway. I dragged my yoga-less butt to bikram last week not once, not twice, but thrice and I'm proud of it. It felt good to be back and this is the time of year when doing bikram feels more right to me. By October there will be enough of a chill in the air that I won't feel completely insane, like I do in the summer, opting to leave a 90° house for a 105° studio. 

This week I also found a new favorite spot in the room. I typically head straight for the back wall, right in the middle of the room where I can hide and not demotivate anyone with my tendency to give up in certain postures. But this week I opted right for the front left spot and I felt stupid for not doing it sooner. You have full view of yourself from the front AND the side and in my studio, it's closest to the door which means not having to step in pools of other people's sweat on my way out. Genius!

The best part about being in the front of the class? Accountability. In fact I noticed that I felt less tempted to lay down during some of the aforementioned postures I normally savasana during. I think that I owe it all to knowing that for once, everyone could see me. No more hiding in the back. 

So here I am, in all my sweaty, yoga-ed out bliss after class last Thursday. This shall serve as my embarrassing "Before Picture" since I am determined to bring Motivation Monday back for good and get on a serious pre-vacation exercise routine this fall. And trust me, 3 months of bikram does a body good. ;)

8/19/13 - 8/25/13 Health and Fitness Stats: 
  • went to 3 bikram classes