Wonderland Ocean Pub in Ocean Beach, San Diego


If you're looking for a new place to go out tonight in San Diego or hit up for brunch tomorrow morning ($10 bottles of champy!), look no further than Wonderland Ocean Pub in Ocean Beach. With open air views that overlook the pier and the ocean, two large rooms featuring two bars, a pool table and a performance space, and ocean-themed decor, this spot is sure to blow up in the coming months.

We headed there for drinks last week after a late dinner and had a great time. I sipped their vodka mule, which they call a Street Fair Donkey, while listening to live music, watching the ocean, and enjoying a good conversation with Ryan and our favorite Ocean Beach resident, Ian. This space has so much potential and seems like the perfect place to catch football on Sunday.

Wonderland Ocean Pub
(619) 255-3358
5083 Santa Monica Ave
(between Bacon St & Abbott St)
San Diego, CA 92107