Motivation Monday: You Better Work, B....


Britney Spears's new song "Work Bitch" is a gift from the workout gods.

That is really all I have to say on this gorgeous Motivation Monday. Those headphones I'm listening to up there? They're playing "Work Bitch." Do you know what song I listened to approximately 57x on my runs this weekend? I listened to "Work Bitch." It's perfect. It's like a coach screaming at you the whole time you're working out only your coach is awesome and you know that if she can break down and shave her head and lose total control of her finances and two small children and still get her bangin' body back, then dammit, so can you. You just have to work for it. Bitch.

I feel good about my workouts this past week. I got back on the road twice in one week which is promising and both times I felt so relaxed after. It made me realize truly how much I need my runs. I was supposed to start CrossFit but conflicts caused the trainer to cancel class. That adventure starts this week. I got to bikram once and got Ryan to come with me on a 3-Day training walk as well. All of this coupled with a lot of healthy home cooking made this a successful kickoff to the marathon madness that is about to begin in a week or two.

9/16/13 - 9/22/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • bikram x1
  • ran 2 days for a total of 9 miles 
  • walked 4 miles for the 3-Day