Vote for Our Living Room on Apartment Therapy!!!


I finally got it together enough to actually go ahead and enter one of the rooms in our house in an Apartment Therapy contest and they chose it as a contestant in their Room for Color contest!

If there's one thing people know about me, it's that I love color. I think all rooms should be bright and cheerful or calming depending on what you use the room for. Our living room is for people to get some shade during BBQs and for us to hang out with the dogs and for dance parties after the bar. I love our living room and I especially love our door (which I covered in a DIY post), but after looking at the other entries I definitely wish I'd taken better pictures. I don't feel that I captured it as well as I could have, but that's given me more motivation to take some better pictures and put together a house tour. It's also given me motivation to spruce a few things up and finish decorating one of the walls.

Sidenote: The funniest/weirdest part of this contest so far has been the two comments that strangers posted immediately after the entry went live. Someone posted the opening lyrics to the Three's Company theme song ("Come and knock on our door...") and then a second person mentioned that they were just about to do that. This is noteworthy for three reasons:

  1. I was obsessed with Three's Company as a kid and am now questioning whether or not my whole decorating scheme subconsciously comes from that show.
  2. Without knowing this, Ryan always sings either the opening line to the Three's Company theme song or sings other things to the tune of it and therefore it is Stuck. In. My. Head. Constantly. 
  3. We live down the street from a bar called The Reagle Beagle... 

The rooms with the most votes move on to the finalist round. Go check out the rest of the pictures on Apartment Therapy and PLEASE VOTE TODAY!!!!!