DIY: Making An Entrance


Ever since I came across the Hello Sunshine Pallet Art by Holly at Life as a Thrifter on Pinterest, I've been in love with the idea of incorporating it in our home (which, fittingly, is nicknamed The Sunset House). With two dogs always running in and out and the beautiful San Diego weather year round, we almost always have our front door open. And as someone who is obsessed with color, having that much unused white wall space inside the living room was starting to bug me. I decided it would be the perfect place to paint a replica of the giant sun Holly created (and Michael before her).

Materials Needed

The list of materials above is not quite the list that I used, but rather the list I would have used if I could do it over again. For instance, instead of using a lead pencil to stencil out the lines, I used a charcoal pencil, which kept getting picked up by and mixing in with the paint. I bought two yellows, which were indiscernible when finished, so one sample size of yellow would have been enough. All in all, you can purchase the necessary materials for under $40. 

The first step was to protect the fixtures with Frog Tape. Then I stenciled the design using Holly's sun as a guide. Having read Michael's post, I remembered that he'd made a good point about painting the dark lines last, instead of painting them first and putting tape on them to protect them. I made sure to do the same, painting the stencil with the lightest colors first. 

When it was time to paint the darker lines, I asked Ryan for his help. He is not only taller than I am, but infinitely more patient, in projects like this and in life in general. He finished the project with beautiful, perfectly straight lines. :)

The whole mural took about 3 hours to complete from start to finish. It was such a cheap, easy Sunday project and it has made a huge difference in our home already! For the past couple of days, seeing the door when I pull into the driveway puts such a huge smile on my face. Most importantly, it's welcoming and happy, which is exactly how I want our guests to feel when they stop by!