Motivation Monday: Here Comes the Sun!


In the middle of pre-training Week 2, I got some pretty bad news: I was actually in the middle of training Week 4.

Math has never been my strong suit. Apparently, neither is reading calendars. So when I backed out a 16-week marathon training plan from the race day, I somehow had it starting March 10th. I was wrong. I finally downloaded the plan from to prepare for this week and when I did I realized how very far behind I was. The fear that I might not be as prepared as I was hoping to be come race day is stressful to say the least.

The good news is that my body is not as far behind as I thought. All of the major aches and pains that I was experiencing for my first few runs seem to have actually been the result of custom insoles. When I signed up for the marathon, I thought that I'd get all fancy and have custom insoles fitted at Road Runner Sports. For whatever reason, they ended up causing me major pain in my right tensor and both my hamstrings instead. Not to mention some lower back pain and ankle problems. Halfway through last week I switched them out for the insoles that came with the shoe and thankfully, it has made all the difference.

Overall, week FOUR was pretty good: I learned that in order to beat the lazy voices in my head, I have to have my shoes on and be out the door within 20 minutes of getting home from work. I generally felt better on the runs, especially after switching the insoles. I went for my first long run (10 miles!) on Saturday which was intimidating. I'm completely on track with the training plan now. Oh! And I discovered a really fun track to add to your workout playlist: check out "Romance" by Wild Flag. :)

3/4/13 - 3/10/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • ran 5 days for a total of 26 miles
  • average pace: 11'20" per mile
  • lost 1.4lbs
  • 1000 calories over the LoseIt! budget :(