Chalk Dirrty To Me


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Confession: When I was a freshman in high school HALF MY LIFE AGO (ugh), Christina Aguilera released the video for "Come On Over". The one where she totally worked some hot pink highlights? Yeah, I was obsessed with that song and that hair. Almost immediately after watching it debut on TRL my best friend and I walked to the mall and bought some Manic Panic at Hot Topic. Yeah. True story. For like 5 minutes I had super rebellious pink highlights. Then they washed out and I had split ends. So.

My inner 14-year-old is obviously intrigued by this hair chalking trend. I've seen a few tutorials on the web, including this one by Forever 21 and it's too simple: spray water on strands to dampen them, use soft pastel chalk to color them, and a flat iron to seal in the look for 1-7 days. You can get the chalk at any art or craft store and of course, the ever-ahead-of-the-game marketing geniuses at Free People have already packaged up some cute ombre sets for $14/palette.

Basically, I'm sold. I think it will be really fun for Coachella / a weekend in Vegas. Plus, it seems a lot less harmful than temporary dye. Maybe I'll even dig up some butterfly clips for old time's sake (OMGJK).
Allie said...

perfect for coachella!! youll have to post a pic when you try it out!

Jill J. said...

OMG, I love the idea of doing peach strands but I am so scared they will stay forever (past sun in/temp dye disaster in the 90's).

Just found your blog...I'm from SD too! :) Excited to read more.

Classy with a Kick

Devon said...

Perfect for Halloween, too. I loved "Come on Over". That era was pretty alright. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Jennifer said...

New follower to your blog and an SD native. :)

I love the chalk trend but don't think it'll look good on my brunette strands.

Jordan said...

omg, TOTALLY remember those butterfly hair clips. Lol!
This post basically takes me back.
Love it