Aloha Friday!


You know what makes a hangover worth it? A night like last night. We went to see Wavves and FIDLAR at The Casbah and then met our neighbors for a night cap (which obviously turned into closing the bar). The whole night was too much fun and on top of that, it ended with being welcomed home by our two furry spazzes. Which is always the perfect way to end a night.

But I'm paying for it right now. My brain is barely functioning at the most basic levels. I can't wait to get home and take a longggggg nap. In the meantime, I'm smiling just thinking about what an awesome and surprisingly productive week this has been, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I've been sick for most of it.

1. WE HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER!!! This week we finally had a handyman come to install the washer and dryer we bought from our neighbors in January. I still have to clean them out before they're functional but I can't even tell you how happy I am. No more laundromats! No more laundromats! NO MORE LAUNDROMATS!

2. Our Coachella tickets are here! I went and picked up our wristbands and camping pass on Wednesday. Less than three weeks! Only three little weeks are between me and my favorite time of year. :)

3. I registered for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer here in San Diego this November. I'm a big fan of fellow San Diegan Devon's blog The Mermaid Chronicles and ever since she shared her cousin Michelle's blog Killer Boobies, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Michelle is only two years younger than me and she is currently fighting a battle against breast cancer. My grandmother and my great grandmother both lost their lives to breast cancer and one day it may be something that I face too. My friend Marisa did the 3-Day last year and invited me to do it with her this year and I'm happy to say that after reading Michelle's most recent blog post I finally decided to sign up.Time to get started fundraising!

4. How awesome was this week's episode of New Girl? There is seriously no other show that can put me in a better mood. Sidenote: if you need a dose of New Girl giggles today, watch this gag reel from Season 1.

5. Tomorrow is the Indian engagement ceremony for one of my best friends/one of my favorite couples and I can't wait. I've never been to any type of cultural wedding event so I'm really interested to learn what's involved. Plus, I'm looking forward to some deeeelicious Indian food tomorrow. :)