Aloha Friday!


It's Friday, Friday, Friday.... and it's March! Which means that a lot of amazing things are ahead and a lot of stressful things, like my MBA class, are (almost) behind me! Class ends Saturday night when I submit my final project and then it's really time to relax. Or, you know, do some spring cleaning. One and the same really. :)

Despite all the last-week-of-school stress, this has been a pretty great week overall: 

1. I have been looking FOREVER for a pair of vintage, white cat eye sunglasses after seeing this pin from a British magazine. It's been really hard to find the exact same size and look, but I finally bought some that I hope will be close! bread by kira, $15

2. Run run run. I started running again this week and boy is my body mad at me. More about that on Monday, but for me, the first 3 weeks are the hardest part, so I'm happy to have my first full week of pre-training almost behind me. 

3. Making a lot of progress on barefoot sandals for the store. I should have a bunch of styles ready to order by the end of next week. Look for a giveaway on the blog too.

4. New friends! I stumbled upon a lot of great blogs this week and even purchased some sponsorship for March at Sincerely, Kinsey and Beauty and the Feast. I'm looking forward to meeting some of their readers!

5. I have a new house project that I am REALLY excited about! All of the supplies are purchased and I hope to get started on it (and maybe even finish it) this weekend. I can't wait to post the results!

Happy Friday everyone!