Aloha Friday!


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Unfortunately for me, I will not be celebrating this Friday with a beer... or any alcohol for that matter. What I had hoped were allergy symptoms are really just plain old sick symptoms. It should be fun attempting my 16-miler tomorrow with a fever. #notgonnahappen

It has been a pretty foggy, dreary week here in San Diego. I can't even tell you how badly I want it to just be summer when it's warm and sunny all the time! We haven't even made it through April Showers, May Gray or June Gloom yet, so I'm just going to have to hang in there and be grateful for the cool training weather.

1. Happy month anniversary to this little blog! I had the nice anniversary surprise of being awarded a Liebster by Rosy at A Joyful Kind of Life. Thanks, Rosy!

2. Bye bye Google Reader and GFC! I feel bad for all the bloggers who spent so much time building up their GFC count, but I do love the format of bloglovin'. You can follow on bloglovin' here.

3. Daylight Savings. Having the extra sun at night (especially with all the fog taking up the mornings) has been wonderful. With my fever last night, the only motivation I had to run was the fact that Ryan and the dogs were going to be waiting for me at a froyo place in Little Italy. After work I ran 4 miles to them, we ordered, ate, and walked back all before the sunset. Evening walks to Little Italy haven't been possible in months and oh, how I've missed them.

4. The sunglasses that I bought on etsy didn't turn out to be what I was hoping for after all. But these TOMS are pretty close. In fact, there are like 10 pairs of TOMS sunglasses that I'm tempted to buy.

5. St. Patrick's day is this weekend! Having grown up with a lot of Irish Catholic traditions, this holiday is always a fun one for me. I'm on the hunt for a good Irish Soda Bread recipe to go with my Shepherd's Pie.