Motivation Monday: Marathon Pre-Training


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When I first started running in high school, I decided that I eventually wanted to run a marathon. At the start of this year, I finally made the commitment. No more excuses! I'm registered to run the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon on June 2nd.

Registering was the easy part. Training is what's going to kill me.

With my miserable track record for training for races, I know that I have to really discipline myself for a race this serious. So I've downloaded a 16-week plan and training officially starts on March 10th. Which meant that pre-training had to start last week. 

The training plan requires me to run 5-6 times a week with the shortest runs being 4 miles long. I kind of abandoned my exercise routine when I took my Jan/Feb MBA class (which is thankfully, officially OVER!), and now I have to work to get to a place where I can run 4 miles without dying. Last week was my first week back on the road and it was tough. 

I'm also using the marathon as a goal to get back into shape and shed some of my winter weight. Because of that I've started using the LoseIt! app again and staying within those weekly calories budgets while trying to maintain my rockstar lifestyle is hard. Bar nights have a way of devolving into midnight pizza and In N Out for breakfast...

But if I've learned one thing about goals like this, it's that transparency and accountability are a big help. So:

2/25/13 - 3/3/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • ran 3 days for a total of 9 miles
  • average pace: 11'20" per mile
  • didn't stay under my weekly calorie budget :(
  • started drinking more water everyday!
  • 1 Tracy Anderson Ab workout from Abcentric Metamorphosis

What fitness goals do you have this year? What workouts are you doing?