Stay Golden


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I make no apologies for how much I love Ke$ha. I've loved her since the moment she was born in an explosion of glitter and whiskey. In fact, I've never been able to understand the Ke$ha hate. Girlfriend writes amazingly catchy (and sometimes truly beautiful) songs, parties hard without making headlines for DUIs or rehab, is an animal activist, and she generally DNGAF. She's funny and gorgeous and she seems to have stayed fairly humble. So what if she occasionally has sex with ghosts or drank her own pee to see what it tasted like? 

Ke$ha's style is similarly appealing to me. Mainly because we more or less have the same messy blonde afro waves hair style. It makes it easy to imagine wearing the same makeup and accessories that she does. Gold foil eye makeup is a trend that saw it's heyday two years ago, but I think it could still work for Coachella. Plus, it's only $5 at! Have you ever tried gold leaf makeup? 
Anonymous said...

I love Ke$ha. And I agree idk why she has so many haters. Girl is amazing!!!

Jordan said...

Seriously love Ke$ha.
I didn't know anybody hates on her.
I give her props, she writes all of her own lyrics, even if some of it is a tad inappropriate, it's what we're all thinking sometimes. Lol

Jennifer said...

I don't understand the Ke$ha hate either! She's talented and owns who she is.