Motivation Monday: Just Put Your Shoes On


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My high school cross country coach was a saint. Five days a week he corralled 20 TEENAGE GIRLS and somehow motivated them to go running. 20 girls with boy problems, girls with girl problems, girls with money problems, college problems, eating problems, health problems. 20 girls with synchronized cramps and in turn, synchronized whining about why they didn't want to practice that day. And 5 days a week, sometimes 20 times a day, he patiently responded with, "Well, just put your shoes on and go stretch and if you want to go home after that, then go home." Rarely did someone actually go home after stretching.

Getting motivated to train last week was hard. Things have been super stressful at work and on top of that I was coming down with tonsillitis for the last half of the week. As a result, I skipped one of my easy 3 mile runs and I only made it to mile 11 out of my long 16 mile run scheduled for Saturday. In fact, I probably wouldn't have made it on any of my runs last week if it wasn't for Ryan reminding me that I would feel better after I ran or that he believed I could do it.

Which brings me to my point. If you're training for something or just trying to get back in shape, I don't think there is anything more important than having a coach or someone to help motivate you, especially on the days when you just want to curl up on the couch and sleep after work. Whether it's your significant other, a friend, family member, or an online community like the group of ladies over at Tone It Up, it makes all the difference if you have someone telling you to just put your shoes on.

So. Go put your shoes on. :)

3/11/13 - 3/17/13 Health and Fitness Stats:
  • ran 4 days for a total of 24 miles
  • walked 1.65 miles after my long run Saturday
  • average pace: 11'67" per mile
  • only 600 calories over my calorie budget - best week yet!