#TacoTuesday: The Blind Burro, Downtown San Diego


One would think that after spending a week in Mexico the last thing we would want to eat was tacos. And one would be right. That is, of course, until I tell you where we were headed for Taco Tuesday. 

Last week Ryan and I went to The Blind Burro in Downtown San Diego for their exceptionally fun Taco Tuesday. When I heard what The Blind Burro was doing with their Taco Fights, all I could think about was how genius it was and how I couldn't believe more restaurants in SD weren't doing it. 

Taco Fights consist of two chefs going all MasterChef for the night, each concocting their best taco. If you order the $6 Taco Fights special you receive the two gourmet tacos, identified only as Taco A and Taco B. You can up the price a few bucks to get custom craft beer pairings with each taco. You're also given a token and before 8:30pm or so you can drop the token in the appropriate bucket to vote for your taco of choice. Essentially it combines two amazing things: cooking competitions and tacos. I was sold. 

We got there at about 7pm and the place was packed. I was really into the vibe during their Taco Tuesday: lots of energy but not so crowded that you feel claustrophobic. It's great for a more casual evening too, since there's two huge bars to sit at and their outdoor seating is perfect for Gaslamp people watching. I can only imagine how this place is going to blow up during their first summer here. (Note: During Padres season, you'll need a reservation.)

For drinks, I ordered their delicious Border Mule cocktail and Ryan stuck to beer. We had their Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos to start, complete with house made chorizo and applewood smoked bacon. I always worry about things being too spicy, but these were just yummy and too easy to gobble up... a perfect appetizer. Then our Taco Fights tacos came out. 

Taco A had slices of yellow tail (only Ryan tried this one - nothing from the sea for Bri!) with achiote sauce, fried pork, avocado and dried chile-pistachio salsa. Taco B was grilled lengua con escabeche, macha sauce, pickled vegetables and candied jamaica-peanuts. What is grilled lengua you ask? Why, it's cow's tongue.

Neither Ryan or I are really super adventurous eaters so needless to say neither of us would have ordered this if it was on the menu. But the Fights made it fun, so we went for it and were pleasantly surprised. It was a delicious, amazing taco with literal waves of flavor and by far our favorite (not that I can judge Taco A). It was no surprise then that Taco A won the Fight and was crafted by Blind Burro's very own chef.

We ordered four more tacos to share after that (pictured at the top) and they were all delicious as well (from, by the way, our amazing server - great service was had the whole night).  Their Championship Fight for February is tonight but hopefully they continue the Taco Fights next month - if so, I highly recommend participating even if it's something you wouldn't normally order! If not, head to The Blind Burro anyway for what may be Gaslamp's best Taco Tuesday and grab some of their "Baja Tuesday" drinks specials: $4 dos xx drafts, $5 margaritas, and $5 mezcal shooters.

The Blind Burro
639 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 795-7880