It's about 7am here in Sayulita and though the sun's not quite up yet, this is the unbelievable view we'll be waking up to shortly from our room at Playa Escondida.

Today is also Valentine's Day and I am so lucky to spend it with the person I love in a place as beautiful as this. There is no better way to spend this day (or any other) than salty, sandy and sunburned with the love of my life. Except, of course, without the sunburned part.

However you spend your day today, I hope that you get a little sunshine too, but more importantly that you make the time to enjoy all the people, animals, places, and experiences that you love.Because that's what Valentine's Day is really all about: celebrating what you love about your life.

And chocolate.
Anonymous said...

Same to you! Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

I'm super jealous...

xo Denise

Unknown said...

So pretty, Sayulita is definitely on my travel list. Happy Valentine's!!

Devon said...

Have so much fun! It sounds like you are. How nice to wake up to that view (I'd insert the emoji with heart eyes if I could)