California Naturel


Lately I have been paying a lot more attention to the ingredients in the beauty and hair products that I use everyday. I know that's been the cool kid thing to do for a while now, but I guess I just thought that being that conscious seemed time-consuming, inconvenient, and a little too hip.

Which is a shame because there's no better way to spend time than on taking care of yourself. Inconvenient truths are sometimes the most important kind. And if there's anything I don't have to worry about any time soon, it's being too hip.

This year I've definitely started making an effort into leading a healthier lifestyle in every way possible. From the foods I eat to exercise to the people I surround myself with and the chemicals that I'm exposed to in my household and beauty products. I've been educating myself, reading labels, and trying to find natural replacements for the things I use every day.

One of my first searches has been for new face wash and moisturizer. That's when I stumbled across California Naturel, headquartered right here in California, all the way up the coast in Sausalito.

California Naturel uses all natural ingredients, bottled up in gorgeous packaging. When I reached out to learn more about their products, they offered to send me their line to test out. Over the past couple of months, I've used California Naturel every day. Here are my thoughts:

  • Gentle Cleansing Gel - Face wash is hard for me to find because it usually takes a while for me to see how compatible it is with my skin. And by then I have a dried out face or I've broken out... no bueno.  But after a couple of months of use, I can confidently say that this is one of the top face washes I've ever used and it's natural and organic. Plus, it smells super fresh.
  • Nourishing Cream - This moisturizer isn't as light as I'd like, but somehow it still disappears effortlessly into the skin and my face feels great after. Especially nice for after you wash your face at night, right before bed. 
  • Balancing Complex - This is probably my favoritest product in California Naturel's line and the most unique. I've never used anything quite like this on my skin but I apply it after my morning shower or after showering post-workout and it makes my tight pores feel so hydrated and smooth. I <3 their Balancing Complex so, so much. 
  • All Natural Sunscreen - I brought this sunscreen to Sayulita with me to test it out during a day of stand-up paddle boarding. It's hard to rub in (though most natural sunscreens are) and it didn't hold up too great in the water (I fell in at least 100x), but I love the smell and the fact that it's all natural. Sunscreen goes all over our bodies and there are soooo many chemicals in non-natural ones! 
  • Lip Balm - I don't know how I'm not out of this little magic stick yet. I use this lip balm like a billion times a day and it helps keep my lips pretty moist and safe. Which reminds me: don't worry if it tints your lips a little white at first - that's just the SPF. 

Overall, it's a great line and I can't recommend the Balancing Complex enough! If you want to try it for yourself, California Naturel is offering 25% off and free shipping with the code SanBriego2014 now through the end of the year!

As I hop on the all natural products bandwagon in 2015, I'd love to hear any suggestions. What are some of your favorite all natural beauty products? Any recommendations for hair products that are paraben-free?