Gone Girl


When I headed to Sayulita for vacation last month (was it only a month ago?), I decided to grab a book that would easily hold my attention whether it was poolside or on planes. Nothing too meaty, just a good story. And for that I decided to pick up Gone Girl, the blockbuster book that was, at the time, just being released as a future blockbuster movie by David Fincher (whom I absolutely love).

Naturally, I needed to read the book before I could see the movie and so vacation sounded like the perfect time to dive into one of the most popular novels of the past few years.

Gone Girl is about a marriage. It is the story of how Nick and Amy fall in and then out of love. It is about the concessions that people sometimes make in marriages and the resentment that they inevitably harbor as a result. And that's about all I can tell you, because literally any other fact will be a spoiler.

The most shocking thing about this book is that it legitimately shocked me. I can call almost any TV plot line long before it happens, I usually know how a book will go by the end of the second chapter. I'm a storyteller, so I think like one and it's always made it easy for me to predict outcomes in my entertainment. This one? Not so much.

As my friend Rebecca noted in her review, if you like being "side smacked off of a plot line," then this book is definitely for you. It's a perfect palate cleanser book in between more highbrow reads, a gripping distraction from the world if you need one, and a lot of fun to read cozied up during your winter break.

I guess there's a reason why popular novels are so popular after all. Who knew!?

2014 '50 Books' Progress: 10/50