DIY: Cozy Crochet Infinity Scarf for Beginners


I feel you, America. Really, I do. I too have suffered through single-digit-and-with-wind-chill-it's-really-negative-8-degrees-out temperatures for years. I mean, now I live in San Diego and yesterday I drove home with the AC on in my car. But, I feel your pain. I promise.

So tonight, while you pile on layer after layer of everything you can find for warmth (coats, cats, tablecloths, rugs...) and wish for the love of god that there was some new TV that you could watch to take your mind off of the fact that your body is slowly shutting down, consider a little crochet project to pass the time. This is a pretty, lacy infinity scarf that I made for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas. They live in Boston (RIP).

This infinity scarf is actually perfect for beginners because it's super easy and fairly short. Not only will it keep you occupied for 3 hours or so, but it will also keep you warm when you're done.

  • 2-3 skeins of thick yarn, preferably wool 
  • Size 9mm crochet hook (For thinner yarn use a size 6mm)
  • Sewing/tapestry needle with an eye big enough for the yarn 
My latest infinity scarf in the making

Directions (for beginners) 
  1. With thicker yarn like Lion's Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, you'll want to make a simple chain of 23 stitches. This should measure about 10 inches long. If it's a thinner yarn you'll want to chain longer in 6 stitch increments. 29 or 35 stitches total should be the max. When you chain, make sure to keep the stitches really loose, otherwise this end will be tight and will make the scarf curl.
  2. Double crochet into the fifth chain back from the hook. At the top of the double crochet, make one chain, then do a second double crochet into the same chain at the bottom where you did the first one.
  3. At the bottom, count two chains from where your first pair of double crochets are, then double crochet into the third chain. Chain one, then do a second double crochet into that same chain at the bottom. Repeat this until you get to the end, so it looks like: 2 double crochets in one chain space, 2 chain spaces, 2 double crochets in one chain space, 2 chain spaces, etc.
  4. At the end of the row, when there are three chains left, skip two chains and in the last chain do one double crochet and then chain three at the top of it. 
  5. Turn it around and double crochet into the middle chain space that you made at the top of the first pair of double crochets. This will be to the left of the hook (or to the right if you started it left-handed). Repeat this until the last chain space. 
  6. Skip two chains at the bottom and double crochet into the third chain, which will kind of be on the side of the row. Then chain three. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have the length you want. It should be long enough to loop around your neck twice. 
  7. On your final double crochet, instead of chaining three, tie a knot and leave about 12 inches of yarn, then cut. With the tail and the needle, sew the ends together and weave in what's left. 
Directions (for crocheters) 
  1. Ch 23. 
  2. Dc into 5th ch from hook. Ch 1 and dc back into same chain at bottom. Sk 2 and (dc, ch 1, dc)*. Repeat * until the last ch. In the last ch, dc, then ch 3. 
  3. Turn and (dc into ch-1 sp. Ch 1 then dc back into same chain)*. Repeat * through last ch-1 sp. Sk 2 then dc (chain will be on the side). Ch 3, turn and repeat until desired length.
  4. Tie off and leave about 12 inches of yarn to sew ends together. Weave the remainder through.

 If you try this, let me know! You can tag me on Instagram @sanbriego. Stay warm kids!