Scenes From My Weekend


1. A blurry selfie of Ryan and I from the #SDGetFit party thrown by San Diego Magazine at Fit Athletic Club last Friday. This is about the only picture I could post. Things got cray. #openbar
2. Walking the dogs after a trip to the vet for vaccines on Saturday morning.
3. The adorable Lazy Hummingbird cafe in OB.
4. Love the idea of grabbing a mug off the wall and settling in for coffee.
5. Cozy seating.
6. My delicious Acai Bowl.
7. The dusk view from Heather's deck.
8. Sunday BBQ, featuring spicy black bean burgers.
Unknown said...

What a wonderfully lazy weekend. I love it all.

xo Denise

Unknown said...

So bummed we couldn't go to that party with you guys! I'm in AZ this weekend visiting the GF's father -- so maybe the following weekend we rendezvous for run/yoga/coffee? Any or all of the above work for me! :)