New Year's Revolution


Today is the start of a new year and somehow we managed to conquer our hangovers and get out of the house long enough to take in this beautiful view.

Nothing beats the vibe in Ocean Beach and our day there set a tone for the year. It helped me to set my intention for this upcoming year as well: to keep things easy, breezy and bright, just like OB. But I always like to get a few goals down in writing, so here is my list for 2014.

1. Spend at least three days each month at the beach.
2. Finally, really learn how to swim.
3. Try stand-up paddle boarding.
4. Learn to play the ukelele.
5. Go to bikram at least 2x a week.
6. Pause more in the moment.
7. Smile at one stranger every day.

Let's do this 2014. I can't wait to see what you have in store.